Relocate bitsetter during cut

Cutting item on XL 30x15.5 inches. Bitsetter in in the way? As project would extend beyond front and over bitsetter. Question how to remove bitsetter during cut and reinstall for bit changes, I will have 4 bits changes.

Since CM prompts you when a tool change is required, if you make a mark on the front rail for where the BitSetter is currently positioned, there should be no problem in temporarily removing it, letting the job run with the current tool, and then when the tool change prompt comes, temporarily re-attach it on the front rail in the same position as before. Make sure it is completely seated on the top of the front rail, such that the Z value of the BitSetter itself is the same across all four tool changes. Unless you require extreme consistency in Z values between passes, that should work.

Yep that’s the issue, it will over hang 2” there will be two of those boards glued together. Thinking I will have to disable bitsetter and go back to old way and rezero each bit? I guess.

You lost me there, I was thinking, unfasten the screws of the BitSetter (the ones that hold it against the steel rail), remove it from the front rail completely, and let it hang below or something ? It should not be in the way then

Yes you are correct,I will remove bitsetter for entire project, disable bitsetter, and revert back to the way I would before bitsetter and still use bitzero or paper for zeroing. Total size is 30”w by 16”deep maximum size for XL.

My understanding is the BitSetter would always be in the way, unless the workpiece is moved?

Yeah, I misunderstood the usecase here.

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