Remaking a hose holder from a photograph

Given the image:

and the note that the central hole has a 2.5" diameter we re-draw this by:

Importing the image as a background:

Verifying the sizing:

and re-drawing everything else.

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The circles are straight-forward:

the balance can be drawn in using Polylines/Curves:

or rectangles/ovals:

then adjusted using Trim Vectors:

and Node Editing until one arrives at:

Similarly, the balance will need to be Node Edited:

(select “Cut Vector”)

Duplicate the outer circle so that it may be used for Trim Vectors:

Then Node Edit and Join:

Since the design is symmetrical, only half needs to be created:

Once half of the design is done, select and copy:


Mirror Vertical:

Drag into position:

Select and Join everything:

Adjusting the design so as to correct for the photo not being perfectly square along with the toolpaths is left as an exercise for the reader.


@WillAdams that is a good tutorial however if this is for a Z-Plus someone already designed this in Cc. Just search the forum and the c2d file was included in the post.

The user Jon Eckels originally posted the c2d file. I tried finding that post but could not find it.

Here is the post for an SO3 HDZ. SO3 XXL HDZ 3.2 Dust Tube Holder

Included was the C2D file to make the HDZ version but it was based on the Z-Plus version of Jon Eckels

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