Remelting wax for reuse?

has anyone remelted down machine wax to then use again?
If so how did you go about it?

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A while ago I saw this article about making your own machinable wax, perhaps the melting part applies to your situation:

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Yes, it can be re-melted.
I suggest using a Heat Gun.

There should not be too much extra though, you only need enough to thinly coat the part.

You dont need to use a lot, just enough to evenly coat the part.
Clean both the metal with alcohol and the spoil board should be free of dust or oil as well.

Too much wax will make the part potentially un-level.
Apply consistent pressure to the stock while its warm to assist in the bond with the spoil board.

@AdamH, if you are talking about the machinable wax rather than the fixturing wax, Freeman Supply has a paper on recycling it

@ApolloCrowe, is the blue fixturing wax the same as the blue machinable wax? If so I have a lifetime supply…

Thanks for the insights guys!

Hi @Randy- To be Clear The Blue Fixturing Wax (Smurf Guts) comes in small chips and is heated to hold metal.
It is also available in other colors, but its purpose is to bond metal to a substrate for machining.

The Orange Machinable wax is a High Precision Dental grade wax block for machining directly onto.
The Orange Machinable wax we carry is made by, they also make a machinable wax that is blue.

Thanks, @ApolloCrowe. Once my current supply of Freeman blue wax is gone I’ll try some of your orange wax. Or maybe sooner… :wink:

I am looking to use my cnc to carve templates for silicon molds. Which wax would you recommend for this? How many times can you melt it down and reform it? and what are the actual physical dimensions of the block? I have only seen wax given in weight or dimensions, so I am not sure how many pounds I would need.

It supplied as flakes, not as a block. It’s readily remelted, there will be a little loss, but there always is…

They have flakes and blocks on the website. The blocks have dimensions but no weight. If I knew how much a block of a given size weighed, I could figure out how many pounds of wax I would need. Based on the dimensions of the blocks, either the flakes are much cheaper or 25lbs of flakes doesn’t make a very large block.

The entered weight of Paraffin wax in various units of weight

25 pounds of paraffin wax is 744.08 cubic inches or 3.22 gallons.
Now wasn’t that easy? :smiley:

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Might be worth looking at the jewelry lost wax casting type wax. That type holds details really well and is reusable from what I understand.

That is easy, but is this mixed with LDPE, HDPE or some other product? What ratio is it mixed at? What is the weight difference per cubic inch of paraffin wax vs this product?

This is a close enough approximation for my needs. Thank you.