Remote jogger available?

Newbe here.Is there a unit available for a hand held jogger for the XXL?

I saw a suggestion to use the “iPazzPort Wireless Mini Keyboard with Touchpad” on the FB group. People have reported success with it! I myself have not used it, however.

Great idea but, it would seem that a wireless keyboard would have to have Bluetooth ca[ability and I don’t think my PC Bluetooth.

I don’t have one, but from the listing on Amazon it looks like it comes with a USB wireless dongle instead of bluetooth.

【3 in 1 MultiFunction】2.4GHz wireless mini keyboard, touchpad mouse combo, with USB interface adapter

surprisingly, most of the wireless keyboard are not bluetooth, but have a dongle. Which is a pain, because I’m looking for an affordable numberpad and my laptop has bluetooth, but limited USB ports! I guess I’m going to have to also get a hub.

The remote capability in CM actually works really well. With CM running, connect to http://themachineip:8080 and you get the full CM interface. Works great from a tablet, ok from a phone.

The UGS sender has a better jog interface on it’s remote, click the little phone in hand icon/pendant, scan the qrcode, and you’re there. If I remember, UGS also supports MS Xbox controllers as pendants.

Yes, not the same as buttons on a keyboard, but works pretty well.

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you can also get xbox controller to work with carbide motion just need to add keystick or another key mapping program

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Most wireless keyboards come with an adapter. I know my $14 Amazon keyboard did…

I made a wired jogger with a 5 way switch and two push buttons for Z. Pressing down cycles through the speeds. I used a Teensy board for my “brain”. It just looks like a keyboard to any computer but has programming for Carbide Motion jogging. I need to make a custom Circuit Board for it. The 5 way switch / joystick is a funny less then bread board friendly shape.

It’s hard to make out the printed rubber case, it looks like this:



I need to improve the case but it’s mostly done.

Thank you


Turned out way better than mine :wink:motion%20controller


I went to the address and saw about 10 possible sites, none of them making sense to me.Not an easy looking download for me. Am I missing something?

I didn’t explain that terribly well.

First, to test this

  1. Start CM on the PC hooked up to the shapeoko
  2. in a browser window type “http://localhost:8080” and you should see an interface pop up that looks almost identical to CM. If this part works, you’re almost there.
  3. Close the browser, you don’t need it. When you get this working on your tablet, phone, another pc, what you saw int he browser is exactly what you should see.

Now, to get the real deal working on a tablet or something…
Find the IP address for the machine you’re running carbide motion on. If windows, from a cmd shell, type . “ipconfig /all” and there should an interface there that likely starts with 192, maybe 168, maybe 10. (they have the format xxx.yyy.zzz.www - you’re looking for one with a 192, 168, 10 in the xxx part) . Then, from a tablet or other pc on the same network (ie. phone on your household wireless, won’t work from cell service only) type http://xxx.yyy.zzz.www:8080 . substituting the xxx.yyy.zzz.www you saw int he ipconfig. That should work.


@mikep works like a charm, did not know about this feature! Just excellent, now I don’t have to be stretching to reach my keypad. So awesome!


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