Remote stop/pause for Carbide Motion?

Recently moved from using a laptop to a Raspi4 B to control my Pro XL. Absolutely love the extra room using a touch screen has provided instead of a janky old laptop.

I’m going to be configuring OBS or RaspiCam to stream a camera from it so I can monitor the progress on longer carves that I don’t need to be in front of the machine for but I’m trying to figure out how to send a remote ‘stop’ or ‘pause’ to the software. I could probably just put some ‘smart’ plugs in line for the machine and the spindle but that seems more like a drastic, less elegant approach (not saying I won’t do that as well).

I don’t supposed Carbide Motion happens to expose any APIs I could interact with? I suppose I could remotely send an emulated keyboard input but I’d have to ensure that the CM was the active window or just do a VNC session and share the desktop to control it… That might be what I do but was hoping if someone else had some ideas.

I think this could give you some ideas: Feed Hold Switch

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