Remove the hard coded Z value in Motion 4

(Ken Chalk) #1

Currently Carbide motion only supports a limited amount of Z travel; it’s hard coded into CM– to use aftermarket z axis to their full you will need to use alternative control software. I’d like to have the option to use Motion. This seems like a relatively simple request that I hope Carbide will implement.

(Luke) #2

I too would love to see this implemented

(Stephen Taylor) #3

:raising_hand_man: please

(Jose Prieto) #4

I like too !. :pray:t2::v:️:rainbow: …

(Adam X) #5

Mmmm yep. For sure. This is 20 characters.

(Jose Prieto) #6

We need this option !. Don’t forget is important to us !.

(ray) #7

Remove it !!! something more for 20 characters…

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