Removing Nomad 3's enclosure

This is definitely a rookie question, but is it okay to remove the bamboo enclosure that my Nomad 3 came with? As in, can I just take out the screws on the sides and lift the bamboo off and everything will be fine? It’s not structural or anything, right?

You certainly can and i certainly have. In general i wouldn’t recommend it but it’s relatively easy to undo. So that’s good I suppose.

To satisfy my own curiosity, what are you hoping to accomplish?

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I can’t get to the area behind the x rails with my vacuum no matter what I do. It’s not a huge deal - when I tilt it back to clean and lube the y-axis now and again it knocks loose most of the dust that accumulates back there, but I still want to be able to do a thorough cleaning now and again. Also, I just want to get a closer look at how the machine is assembled and where all the wires are coming/going, and I can’t do that with the enclosure in the way. That’s not something I’ll be doing any time soon, necessarily, but I’d still like to know how.

Ah ok, I keep my enclosure off of mine (nice for things like longer pieces of material, not nice for keeping chips off literally every surface in the garage)

I’ll try to remember to get you photos the next time i give it a thorough cleaning. The thing is built like a tank.

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That’s reassuring, lol. Cheers.

The Nomad has a door switch. You will likely need to defeat that switch or you will get the open door message.

Mine came with a neat little 3d printed magnet holder to bypass that sensor. I think they included it so you could run stock out the front if necessary.

I have an older Nomad 883 Pro and find it much easier to deal with without the case. It’s a little quieter too. I went the whole way and removed the foil-covered plastic top too.


That is a naked Nomad, I will have to check whether forum rules have something to say about CNC nudity pictures! :upside_down_face:


Here in the shop as they are being made, their modesty is always preserved.


These photos are so cleeeeean, do you ever use the little fella? (Or do i just need to up my post job cleanup game :sweat_smile:)

Oh no… that photo was just after a cleaning (which is much easier than it was - you can clean the most things directly and air blast everything else). It’s normally sitting in a beach-like bed of aluminium and brass chips.


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