Removing tool marks

I may have asked this before, but does anyone have any suggestions for sanding away the round tool marks? I have a dremel tool and I bought I might be able to figure out a way, but no luck. I need an orbital sander from the Barbie universe! :joy:

I know a smaller bit would likely be the best choice, I just want to avoid doubling or tripling the cut time.


You can minimize tool marks by making sure your machine is well trammed, going slower and taking a very light DOC on your final pocketing pass. I have taken the extra step and reduced my accelerations by 20% in the GRBL settings of the controller. The only way to completely remove them is by sanding. You will need to hand sand the areas that are to small to fit a palm sander.


Some options I can think ofโ€ฆ
Make sure cutters are really sharp.
Cut with the grain, rather than across it, as much as possible.
Climb cut as much as possible.
Leave a very small amount at the bottom, then take a 0.001 - 0.005 finish cut.
A little hand sanding. Get creative with folding your sandpaper to get into tight areas.
Thicker paint. I assume you mean the areas that are painted.


You can try using 1" diameter flexible pads. I have an old set that is diamond, different grits all the way from 60 mesh to 1800 mesh.

You would have to take into account whatever diameter you can find and build that into your program making sure you clear features you need.

Your still going to have to sand but it will save you some time? If itโ€™s one off, I would just sit down and sand by hand.


I have found when doing pockets with multiple tools it is far better to have each tool do a final pass at say .025 depth, this will add to cut time but will produce a bottom surface that needs far less sanding if any

At the end of the day it takes 3 mins to boil an egg, trying to cut corners and speed up boiling an egg results in a runny egg :joy:

Time on the front end saves time on the back end


Hey everyone, thanks for the advice! Iโ€™ll get these suggestions a try and go from there. Very much appreciated!

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