Repair carving with CC Pro?

Is it possible with CC Pro to generate code to mill the missing half of a handcarved leaf? For example from the front of a cuckoo clock where half of a leaf is missing. These are usually something similar to basswood. If possible, how complex of a process would it be from start to finish and would other software in addition to CC Pro be necessary? A demo of the process would be great.
Thanks in advance.

The problem here is generating a 3d model of the part. CC Pro could manipulate such a model, but I don’t think would be a good tool to create it.

For best results you’d probably want to use some kind of 3D scanning process to create a model from the object you have, then go from there to re-create the missing part.

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Out of curiosity can you load a picture of the broke piece

There are a lot of people on this forum that can do magic maybe they’ll build it for you

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No guarantee I can even find the clock but it is older with handcarved pieces. I do not recall it being a flat blocky looking leaf which would be easier. I will try to find/post it this week.

Is there any software that allows one to generate a grayscale? Something like ‘spray painting’ with the mouse to make a grayscale might give enough control to make a surface similar to a carved leaf’s surface. Edit: actually Chris Powell has a youtube video on making wavy flags and he uses Adobe Photoshop to do make a grayscale just like I asked. Thank you Chris!

Thanks in advance and a BIG thank you for the Carbide Create Pro Training youtube videos. They help clarify the capabilities of CC Pro better than anything I have seen. I envy your skill set.


If you find a piece / clock. put a ruler preferably in millimeters on the top and side and take several pictures. Need depth to. No promises because I haven’t seen it yet but if I can re-create it I’ll make a YouTube video on it. Or I’ll act like I’ve never heard of it before and run like crazy.