Repair of a circular box lip

My friend had a sentimental circular wooden tube with a lid. The lid rested on the lip, but part of the lip broke off and the lid wouldn’t stay on.

I flush cut the box to remove the lip, and cut a new one on my CNC. (FYI - I was really proud, my calliper measurements were spot on and machine accurately cut out the circle - when I first started this was never the case)

I’m about to glue the new lip on (super glue to spots to hold it in place, wood glue for the majority to make a strong bond and clamping to make sure it sets well.

That being said, there is still a 1/4 of the circle, unsupported and obviously an area of weakness.

Any suggestions on how to fill this in (ie. a wood putty, etc…or do you just leave this.

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My assumption is the lid has no structural or weight support associated with it so you shouldnt have any issues with just gluing your piece on. It will more be affected visually but its also on the inside so not many people will ever see or know this.

If i was really looking into fixing the inside i would do this with a hand router. I would start with a .75in thick piece of wood and use my cnc to cut a template by first cutting a circle pocket the size of the outer tube diameter maybe .5in deep. I would then cut a circle the size of the new lips outer diameter the rest of the way through the piece of wood.

I would flip it over and use that pocketed side for alignment purposes on the tube. Then i would use my hand router with a flush trim plunge bit to cut however deep the broken piece goes down the tube. Obviously just run your hand router around the inner circle cutting a relief in the tube. I would then make a new lip like you have except it would be the depth of your plunge plus whatever amount you need for stick out and then glue it in.


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