Replace v wheel

I have to replace a v wheel on the side.
I unscrewed the old wheel and pulled out the screw.
As the screw came out, the gantry moved down a tiny amount.
Then I moved the new wheel along the V track until it lined up with the hole
but now the hole doesn’t line up with the screw.

Is there something that Im supposed to do to get them to line up?
Maybe remove a belt or use a crowbar to jack it up?

The lower v wheel is in an ecentric. Move the ecentric to the lowest position. If the hole is a top one move the lower eccentric to its lowest position to see if that gives you room to get the screw back in. There is a small washer between the v wheels and side frame, dont forget to put it back on. Then adjust lower v wheel ecentric. I put a punch through hole to help get washer, v wheel and screw back in hole.

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