Replaced my VFD unit

(Ahmed Badawy) #1

It did not take long to burn my Chinese VFD unit that came with my 2.2KW water-cooled spindle. Instead of wasting time with a replacement, I purchased the following unit from Marshal Wolf Automation.


(mikep) #2

Let us know how that works out, always curious if the extra cost is worth it.

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(Ummm, not sure, but I’ll try...) #3

Curious what happened to “burn it up”? So the rest of us might avoid that.

First I’ve heard of a Korean source for VFD’s. Let us know how it works out.


(Ahmed Badawy) #4

@Griff I was milling a piece of aluminum and suddenly the VFD started smocking. The project was still running. It started with a smell of smoke at first, when the smell got my attention, a few seconds, and smoke started coming out of the back of it. I shut it off immediately and decided to go for a better quality unit. That VFD was part of that package:


(Luke (Carbide 3D)) #5

crikey, that’s the first time I’ve heard that happen.

Did you play with the parameters?


(Ahmed Badawy) #6

@MrBeaver No, I set the parameters exactly as what they said in the posted video.


(Julien Heyman) #7

In case you have a list of what each parameter value you set, it would be interesting to share it here for a double-check (if only to confirm that they were all correct, and you just happened to be unlucky and had a faulty VFD)

Was your VFD fan running throughout this unfortunate event ?


(Paul Alfaro) #8

that’s a bummer. hope the new unit holds up.

wolf automation is great. site is decent and the information listed and staff are very helpful. i’ve purchased a couple teco l510 based on their recommendations


(Ahmed Badawy) #9

@Julien Yes, the fan was running, and was still running when I pressed the shut-off switch. Also, here are the parameters that I set.


(Ahmed Badawy) #10

@PaulAlfaro According to Mr. Mac Cochrane, the technical sales specialist I spoke with at Wolf Automation prior to placing my order, the LSIS unit I ordered is the best for my 2.2kW, 400 Hz Spindle. Also, it will be good for up to 5KW/3HP spindle and It carries a 2 years warranty. Also, LSIS operated under the Corean Company LG Industrial Systems for 30 years, now it is part of the LS Group.


(Paul Alfaro) #11

Sounds great. They’re very friendly and helpful to ensure you get the correct product for your application.

Much better than the guessing game I would have played otherwise in sourcing an AC drive to fit my needs.

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(Gerald Mackelburg) #12

Its rated for a 2.2kW = 3 HP spindle. :wink:


(Ahmed Badawy) #13

@gmack You are correct. It’s a typo error on my part.


(Ahmed Badawy) #14

Here are the parameters:
Basic Parameter Settings for Huan Yang Inverter To Drive Spindle Motor
-Power On
-Restore Factory Settings
PD013 = 8
-Set Max Operating Frequency
PD005 = 400
-Set Base Frequency
PD004 = 400
-Set Board Potentiometer Control
PD002 = 1
-Set Analog Input
PD070 = 1
-Set High Analog Frequency
PD072 = 400

Huan Yang 400HZ 24000RPM Spindle Motor Power Connector

Looking at the bottom of the spindle:
Power Connector
Water-In Water-Out

Power Terminal Pins Connections
Pin 1 = U
Pin 2 = V
Pin 3 = W
Pin 4 = Ground


(Ahmed Badawy) #15

It has to happen. It never fails to happen with me. 2019 been a very funny year for me where bad & strange things been happening…
I contacted Wolf Automation and spoke with their engineer prior to placing my order for the LSIS ac drive model LSLV0022C100-1N. I ordered the inverter based on his recommendations. While browsing through their web site today, I found out that the inverter I ordered is a discontinued model that they are selling while supplies last, and they are also selling the newer model which is about $10 cheaper. It’s not the $10 difference, but why would I buy a new inverter that has been discontinued and not get the new model that replaced it? And I do not understand why they recommended it when I spoke with them.
I contacted Wolf Automation this morning. I placed a new order for the new model, and they will issue a refund for the older order when they receive their shipment back.
Today is my birthday and I honestly cannot wait for this year to end.


(Julien Heyman) #16

Yep nothing out of the ordinary on those basic settings. Maybe, just maybe, the over current protection was not active ? I don’t know what parameter this is on the MySweety VFD, it’s PD120 on mine (by the way I don’t have it enabled either, maybe I should revisit that)

Or maybe you just got a lemon :frowning:
Very sorry to hear about your difficulties.

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(Ahmed Badawy) #17

@Julien The MySweety Package uses the Huan Yang VFD & Spindle Motors. I think MySweety is just a store that offers the Huan Yang products in different packages.
Just to prove it that there is something wrong with my Karma this year. I inquired about the parameters of the new VFD that I ordered from them compared to the parameters on my burned Huan Yang Inverter. He directed me to LS Tech Support and provided their email & phone number. I contacted LS Tech Support and was told that their units will not drive the Huan Yang Spindle Motor and I might burn my Spindle if I try to connect it to their unit. 20 minutes after this call, I ordered a VFD 220V 3.0KW 4hp Variable Frequency Drive CNC Motor Inverter Converter for Spindle Speed Control HUAN YANG HY-Series(3.0KW, 220V).
I decided to get the 3KW/4HP unit for my 2.2KW Spindle. At least I will be comfortable having some power cushions since I burned the 2,2KW/3HP unit.
Attached is an email I sent to Wolf Automation, and my new Amazon Order.
Just pray for me that this new unit will not blow up and burn my house when I hook it up, lol.