Replaced my VFD unit

It did not take long to burn my Chinese VFD unit that came with my 2.2KW water-cooled spindle. Instead of wasting time with a replacement, I purchased the following unit from Marshal Wolf Automation.


Let us know how that works out, always curious if the extra cost is worth it.

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Curious what happened to “burn it up”? So the rest of us might avoid that.

First I’ve heard of a Korean source for VFD’s. Let us know how it works out.


@Griff I was milling a piece of aluminum and suddenly the VFD started smocking. The project was still running. It started with a smell of smoke at first, when the smell got my attention, a few seconds, and smoke started coming out of the back of it. I shut it off immediately and decided to go for a better quality unit. That VFD was part of that package:

crikey, that’s the first time I’ve heard that happen.

Did you play with the parameters?

@Luke No, I set the parameters exactly as what they said in the posted video.

In case you have a list of what each parameter value you set, it would be interesting to share it here for a double-check (if only to confirm that they were all correct, and you just happened to be unlucky and had a faulty VFD)

Was your VFD fan running throughout this unfortunate event ?

that’s a bummer. hope the new unit holds up.

wolf automation is great. site is decent and the information listed and staff are very helpful. i’ve purchased a couple teco l510 based on their recommendations

@Julien Yes, the fan was running, and was still running when I pressed the shut-off switch. Also, here are the parameters that I set.

@PaulAlfaro According to Mr. Mac Cochrane, the technical sales specialist I spoke with at Wolf Automation prior to placing my order, the LSIS unit I ordered is the best for my 2.2kW, 400 Hz Spindle. Also, it will be good for up to 5KW/3HP spindle and It carries a 2 years warranty. Also, LSIS operated under the Corean Company LG Industrial Systems for 30 years, now it is part of the LS Group.

Sounds great. They’re very friendly and helpful to ensure you get the correct product for your application.

Much better than the guessing game I would have played otherwise in sourcing an AC drive to fit my needs.

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Its rated for a 2.2kW = 3 HP spindle. :wink:

@gmack You are correct. It’s a typo error on my part.

Here are the parameters:
Basic Parameter Settings for Huan Yang Inverter To Drive Spindle Motor
-Power On
-Restore Factory Settings
PD013 = 8
-Set Max Operating Frequency
PD005 = 400
-Set Base Frequency
PD004 = 400
-Set Board Potentiometer Control
PD002 = 1
-Set Analog Input
PD070 = 1
-Set High Analog Frequency
PD072 = 400

Huan Yang 400HZ 24000RPM Spindle Motor Power Connector

Looking at the bottom of the spindle:
Power Connector
Water-In Water-Out

Power Terminal Pins Connections
Pin 1 = U
Pin 2 = V
Pin 3 = W
Pin 4 = Ground

It has to happen. It never fails to happen with me. 2019 been a very funny year for me where bad & strange things been happening…
I contacted Wolf Automation and spoke with their engineer prior to placing my order for the LSIS ac drive model LSLV0022C100-1N. I ordered the inverter based on his recommendations. While browsing through their web site today, I found out that the inverter I ordered is a discontinued model that they are selling while supplies last, and they are also selling the newer model which is about $10 cheaper. It’s not the $10 difference, but why would I buy a new inverter that has been discontinued and not get the new model that replaced it? And I do not understand why they recommended it when I spoke with them.
I contacted Wolf Automation this morning. I placed a new order for the new model, and they will issue a refund for the older order when they receive their shipment back.
Today is my birthday and I honestly cannot wait for this year to end.

Yep nothing out of the ordinary on those basic settings. Maybe, just maybe, the over current protection was not active ? I don’t know what parameter this is on the MySweety VFD, it’s PD120 on mine (by the way I don’t have it enabled either, maybe I should revisit that)

Or maybe you just got a lemon :frowning:
Very sorry to hear about your difficulties.

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@Julien The MySweety Package uses the Huan Yang VFD & Spindle Motors. I think MySweety is just a store that offers the Huan Yang products in different packages.
Just to prove it that there is something wrong with my Karma this year. I inquired about the parameters of the new VFD that I ordered from them compared to the parameters on my burned Huan Yang Inverter. He directed me to LS Tech Support and provided their email & phone number. I contacted LS Tech Support and was told that their units will not drive the Huan Yang Spindle Motor and I might burn my Spindle if I try to connect it to their unit. 20 minutes after this call, I ordered a VFD 220V 3.0KW 4hp Variable Frequency Drive CNC Motor Inverter Converter for Spindle Speed Control HUAN YANG HY-Series(3.0KW, 220V).
I decided to get the 3KW/4HP unit for my 2.2KW Spindle. At least I will be comfortable having some power cushions since I burned the 2,2KW/3HP unit.
Attached is an email I sent to Wolf Automation, and my new Amazon Order.
Just pray for me that this new unit will not blow up and burn my house when I hook it up, lol.

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