Replacement Kit question

the 3 pulleys supplied are they needed for the new belts?
The width of the existing looks correct
i would rather not remove the originals since they are secured well

The belts included are replacements for the parts needed (so new belt for the x/y/z axis). You don’t need to replace belts if you dont need to. We have the kit and keep those pulleys on hand for spares at the makerspace. The belts we have didn’t look like that had worn too bad when we got it in.

The pulleys are included for folks who have older machines which had 6mm belts and commensurately narrower pulleys — if your machine already has 9mm belts and wider pulleys then they are redundant spares.

So now there is a “Replacement”?
I got the maintenance kit but it came with the older style steel belts. The v-wheels are nicer though…

Maintenance Kit.

If you got steel belts let us know at and we’ll send you a set of fiberglass belts.

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