Replacement Limit Switches

The Y axis limit switch on my XXL appears to have gone bad (no light when testing with metal). Wires are properly seated on control board. I question how a simple switch can go from operational to faulty overnight.

Anyhow, is carbide my only option for replacement inductive switches? Their shipping to Alaska is incredibly expensive as they limit their couriers.

Are the switches in the inductive upgrade kit universal amongst all the axes? I purchased my xxl with the inductive switches included, so I imagine the upgrade kit switches are all the same and only the mounting hardware is different - would like to have spares on hand.

This should be a warranty item — let us know at and we’ll get this sorted out.

Thanks Will. Was feeling a little defeated and decided to go another round. I did find that the blue wire at the connector was backing out enough that it was the cause of the problem. A small drop of UV epoxy is now holding it in place.

First time removing the cover from the control board since owning it 2+ years now. I then ran into issues while reinstalling the cover and it placing too much pressure on the larger secondary connector the three sensors plug into. Took a bit of time to get the wiring harnesses positioned/packed just right to keep it properly and evenly seated against the board.

Any hacks to keep these all more firmly seated? I have a feeling they could back out again over time.

I zip tie everything in place so that none of the connectors and the wires leading up into them can move.


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