Replacement power supply specs

I shut down and stored my SO3 for the past month during some garage remodeling. I set it all up again today and my power supply is not working. No LED on the box and no power to the board.

Is there an off-the-shelf replacement available? I have a Fry’s electronics nearby and I was hoping to use the machine all day tomorrow.


After doing some searching on-line, it looks like an LCD monitor supply might work. Anyone know if the pin wiring is standard? I found this one that looks like it will work.

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This wiki page doesn’t seem to work anymore is there an updated reference link?

We now have them in our shop:

Thanks, but in my case mine was potentially dead on arrival and I’m trying to see if I can source a temporary suitable replacement from either my own parts bin or a local supplier while I wait for a response from support.

I just got a Shapeoko Pro on Friday, started assembly late Saturday and was hoping to wrap it all up and fire it up today, but I’ve hit a wall with no power and as you can imagine I’m eager to get started.