Replacing Homing Switches

I have a Shapeoko 3XL with the HDZ and have now broken two of the Z-Axis Homing Switches (the pin that holds the Homing Switch gets sheared off by the HDZ) due to user errors. Has anybody successfully added a two wire connector between the wire from the controller and the Homing Switch? After unlatching the drag chain to remove the broken Homing Switch, I was thinking that the next time this happens to add a connector to the wire from the controller and adding a connector to the Homing Switch so I don’t have to rewire from the controller to the Z-Axis. Any recommended connectors?

I found that happens on the HDZ as well, might be better if it mechanically stopped before breaking the switch, but the proximity switch upgrade should fix that.

I just solder a new switch on to the end of the wire when they break, here’s a thread with the source for the switches.

Could it be that the heavier HDZ has a deceleration problem while approaching the switch? Maybe it is set to move too fast?

When I had this problem I just put a towel over the router and z and snipped the wires at the switch and soldered them from there without disconnecting from the main board.

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