Replicating multiple parts, still need to set zero on each?

So, I have my setup for cutting holes in ABS plastic boxes I turn into finished items. I have made a thousand or more of these by hand (drilling using templates) and I now have a holder for my pieces.

Question is, can I just do the set zero on the first one, then just put the next one in and run it? or do I need to set zero on each?

Mind you I have a wasteboard dedicated to the one item and I have 3D printed fixtures to hold the box in exactly the same place every time (not even .001mm wiggle) so, I am hoping I can set zero on the first one (each run I do of them only of course) and then cut say 20-40 of them without setting zero again??


This forum has been a lot of help and thanks for answering some of my very newb question.

Yes. I do this all of the time.

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I did the same when making a bunch of identical award plaques. I would at least check your Z every so often just to make sure you are not losing or gaining any depth. But as long as everything is tightened properly you should be fine.

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One of our CNC Group members demo’d his ARRAY setup in which he did multiples of the same thing. His blanks were around 4" square, so he used an MDF board to mill pockets to hold the blanks, with the milling going just a bit long on each of the four sides allowing for a small place to remove the milled items. The Array was set up in Aspire.

You MAY be able to see the Tutorial here: file:///C:/Users/Public/Documents/Vectric%20Files/Tutorial%20Files/Aspire%20V9.0/Array_Copy_&Merging_Toolpaths_Guide/Array_Copy&_Merging_Toolpaths_Guide_General_Topics.html

This process might also be available in the software, Fusion 360.

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Yes, you can pattern toolpaths in Fusion 360.
There are lots of ways to do this, but it really depends on your CAD/CAM workflow.
@tmorris9 What software are you using?

I use Aspire software.

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