Replying to messages on iPhone is difficult until…

So I read and respond to most messages on this forum using an iPhone (latest version).

The challenge is, that for the past 3 months the rendering has been awful…you can see from my screenshot that I can not see the full text, the preview button in the bottom right, the hamburger menu button in the top right and only half of the upload. It has been painful…

However, I just discovered that if I use the Chrome App on my iPhone (vs native Safari), it seems to work perfectly…hope this helps others and I didn’t jinx myself

I assume I am not the only one with this issue


I’ve used Firefox and Brave browsers without any difficulties. I would never use a Chrome browser.

Most of the time, replying quoting and etc. (on this forum) are much more successful with the phone’s display in portrait mode rather than landscape mode.

It makes a difference.

I use duck duck go and have no issues

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