Reports on cordless/brushless routers?

Any updated reports on the use of cordless/brushless routers that have been adapted for use on the Shapeoko? Any of you continuing to use them, or did you switch back to corded, etc.?


Is anyone that started using one of the cordless units, still using it?

I continue to use mine. I think Vince is the only other user.

My work is fairly basic, mostly wood and some aluminum.

I’m in the process of cutting parts for another HDZ with more focus on precision.

I’ve encountered zero issues.

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Oh, one benefit I’ve not mentioned: the router will stop if the operator has asked it to do something really stupid. Such as too aggressive a depth of cut or an over optimistic feed rate.

I’m guessing it’s part of a control circuit to avoid damaging the battery. The router simply shuts off instead of powering on to break a bit or ruin a part.

I’ve, ahem, recovered from a few such errors. Simply by correcting my CAM settings, verifying x,y,z are still accurate and restarting the job.


We need to figure out how to make that trip feed hold.

I still use mine but only on my stock S3 due to it having less power than the corded rt701c. No issues at all.

Still haven’t found a good, affordable brushless spindle that will spin 30k besides this one.

Hopefully one of the forums’ electrical engineers will decide they just have to have a brushless router on their SO3. Then feed hold might naturally evolve. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the feedback guys. I wasn’t sure if they were still working out. Good to hear that they are.

Keeping my progress private since I am/will be doing it wrong in someone’s opinion and don’t want to be bashed and get into a Wheaties contest over electrical and electronic theory on the Forum.

Still trying to determine the actual power difference between the AC/brush routers and the DC brushless routers.

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@Lewscrew. Ha ha! Wimp! Just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My practical, unscientific obeservational experience has provided enough data to convince me the corded router is more “powerful”. How much? I don’t really care because I don’t need to push the envelope for the work I do. I’m just a lowly woodworker hobbyist. And occasional dabbler in the mysteries of cutting aluminum and, lately, stainless steel.

This is no bash on all you scientists and engineers, I’ve reached out many times to you guys when I get in over my head. We all have our appreciation and respect for the Shapeoko 3 (in whatever iteration) in common.

Whew, that was kinda preachy.


Honestly I don’t think the power difference will matter to most people. It was great until going into the 3/8s and it seems like most cut pretty conservatively on here.

Stainless steel you say, 303 or 304??

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I just have to deal with plenty of self professed experts at my day job, so my tolerence level gets pretty low during the week. Not knocking anybody but when one cannot understand there is more than one way to get to Wal-Mart…and you arrive on time and no one was hurt, what does the route you took matter?

I’m looking at the brushless since my son is changing brushes every 4-5 weeks on the DeWalts - consistently at 150 hours of run time. They run 40-80 hours per week continuously, if brushless won’t pan out time for true Spindles.

I am certain the Makita brushless router will work for his needs, but need to calculate the power requirements, wire gage, heat load, thermal exchange, new control circuits, and duty cycle of the router.

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Cool, hope it all works out for your son.

I have to wonder now, what sort of power supply? The 500 watt or?

And, what Vince said last post.

L[quote=“Vince.Fab, post:10, topic:12010”]
Stainless steel you say, 303 or 304

304, request from old friend, 70’s Navy thing.

Any advice appreciated.

I’m leaning towards a linear power supply, aiming for electrical noise reduction for the controller and USB communications. Something similar to the Astron VLS-25M. 25 amps is more than required but the larger caps will keep the noise off the DC. If my rough calcs are correct, it will provide 506W continuous and Intermittent duty (40% IIRC) of 700W.

I have one power supply on order but it hasn’t arrived yet.

I agree with Vince, the power difference shouldn’t be an issue for what my son is doing, most bits are 1/4” or under.

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