Request: Hooks for better pendant control

I’m currently piecing together a simple driver for the XHC WHB04B - a relatively inexpensive USB pendant. At the moment I can only have it behave like a keyboard, detecting the pendant inputs and translating them to the CM shortcut keys. It would be great if there were a way to more seamlessly integrate, like a control API so that fast wheel jogs could work properly, and the pendant display could be updated with realtime offsets.

Failing that, some more keyboard shortcuts would be great:


  • Stop

In jog mode:

  • Fast step mode
  • Spindle on/off
  • Spindle +
  • Spindle -
  • +/- 5 or 10 steps in X,Y,Z for faster jogs

In run mode:

  • Feed +
  • Feed -



Fast step mode (if I understand correctly) is mapped to 4

Please see:

Ahh, thanks.

@Carbide Support: This doc: Carbide Motion User Guide - Carbide 3D doesn’t include ‘4’ as a shortcut.

Space bar Pause would be killer.

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