Request to add more or different fonts to Carbide Create

Is it possible to add some more styles or add some different cursive letter fonts to carbide create

CC uses whatever fonts are installed on your host system… the world is your oyster (unless I’m mis understanding your question).

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One option is to set them outside of Carbide Create (until such time as CC is able to do path operations w/o converting to lines), in a vector editor union the paths — this will preserve them as Bezier curves in case you wish to edit them, then save as an SVG and import into Carbide Create


Actually that does not seem to always be the case. I just added a font on my Win 10 laptop, and the font is now accessible in the usual places like Word, and Illustrator, but it does not show up in Create. I even updated Create since I added that font, and it still does not show.

Name of the font in question?

Is it installed w/ permissions which allow Carbide Create to see the file?

I know I did an admin install. But your question made me think of right clicking the icon and see if it was blocked, which it was. So I unblocked. Then I reinstalled, and still could not find it. But then as I was scrolling through something caught my eye and I found it listed somewhere else in the alphabet. The font is Museo, and it is listed between E and F. It turns out that there are other fonts out of alphabetical order. Maybe a font search feature could be added if there is no way to solve the alphabetization issue.

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