Requesting feature - CC - Gears

In Carbide Create, I would like to have a gear tool used to creating simple gears. Something along the line of the link below:

READERS, Please vote by simply replying YES or NO. Maybe if enough people put their input in C3D will add this feature. C3D, as always please keep up the great work!

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Until then:

Gearotic is AWESOME!



I would vote NO… at least until they have many general purpose things done first. Stability would be nice… construction tabs… nested pockets… the list goes on. MeshCAM needs to have the unit vectors visible at any resolution; the gouging problem needs to be fixed.

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Yes, it would be nice to have but I agree with Mark… Carbide3D has a large backlog of software issues that need to be corrected before they try to expand functionality. A gear generator template would be great, although way down on the list.

In the meantime, here’s a easy to use $26 year generator program that works very well for spur gears as well as rack and pinions. Its very flexible and very intuitive to use…

The program that mbellon mentioned looks more capable than the one I linked above. It costs $120.

I haven’t looked through the Shapeoko wiki that Will linked yet. I’m sure it has some good info also.

Gearotic listed at: added woodgears

The first link is to free / opensource

I would Vote No.

There are so many great software packages available to generate gears or to design vectors. The code to generate gears and user inputs would be more complicated than the whole design package that CC currently has to offer. I personally use the $26 gear generator from then open them into Adobe Illustrator/solidworks. Inkscape is a good free software to add to your 2D workflow for design.

Carbide Create shouldn’t focus any more on the design portion other than maybe tabs and opening closed vector chains since it wont import lines that aren’t closed chains. They really need to work on importing CAD/vectors and then priorities CAM.

Will Easel software from Inventables (free on the web) work on the Nomad. It has a gear creator built in?

Apparently, yes, Easel can be used w/ any system which uses Grbl (directly, using a compatible comm chip) or G-code (indirectly by saving out the G-code file) — the (potential?) problem is that running the machine setup sequence (required to do this once?) will overwrite the Grbl defaults and settings w/ the defaults for an X-Carve (or Carvey?).

Thanks Will! I was hoping the gcode could be transferred without problems. I use a Mac and a lot of gear programs only run on PC.

Gear Template Generator by Matthias over at is what I use. Works great, relatively low cost and supports a true craftsman. Look at his other stuff while you’re over there.

I purchased the Gear Template Generator and it works great. Can even import into CC which is fantastic! here is my first attempt: