Rerun Job Without BitSetter Startup

I sometimes have the need to rerun the same job for a number of similar pieces. I use my BitSetter for most jobs - so I have to wait for the start-up procedure to measure the bit before starting each new run.

I realize that I could disable the BitSetter and zero the pieces and bits manually…but it often turns out to be more effort and time than just letting the bitsetter startup take place.

I would like to have an option to “RERUN JOB WITHOUT BITSETTER STARTUP” that would be available from the main menu after a job has completed. The job would simply start running as it would without a BitSetter attached.

This would be particularly useful for jobs that only utilize one bit - or for those that begin and end with the same bit. It would also work for running the same job on different sized pieces - zero’ing the X, Y, and/or Z and then Rerunning the job.

The Rerun Job Without BitSetter button/link would NOT be available (disabled or hidden) when a new job is loaded.

If you wanted to make it FANCY…you could remember the current bit and compare it to the first bit of the job being rerun and put up a warning message, force a tool change, or disable the ReRun if they don’t match.

I’m guessing you use Carbide Create?

In F360 this can be avoided by skipping the first tool change, which means with jobs that only use 1 tool, it never calls the tool change, so it never measures it. You should load the proper tool before running your job.

I do this for many ops that might be run multiple times. One example would be surfacing something, where I’m not sure how much I need to take off, so I might do 1mm at a time. My file will be called “” to remind myself I need the proper surfacing tool loaded before running. I can run it, and if more needs to be taken off, offset Z again by 1mm lower and then run it again.

For Carbide Create or anything else, just open your file and get rid of the tool-change line.

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