Resetting Position after Homing

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I’m extremely new… (William I got the machine running)
I was trying to do the test with the Hello World. I did Homing first and thought I reset but clearly didn’t as the file gets loaded and goes right back to the right corner.

I’m a newb! Please be gentle!

If someone could also take the time to explain how you determine where to position your wood and finding center. Is it you moving the machine manually through jog until you find the center point on your wood? Then next step to set?


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When you home, the spindle moves to the right rear of the table. You need to set your X,Y and Z 0 where you want to set your project. You jog the spindle to where you want the project to start which is usually the front left corner of your work piece. The location where you last set your X0,Y0,Z0 stays in the controller until you change it. To get there, you go to jog page, rapid positioning and press on the Current offset XY.

I suggest you review the videos that explain this.

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Please see:


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That’s a great tutorial


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