Resharpening V bits

Hello all, is there a way of, or, a place that will resharpen V-bits instead of buying new ones all the time?

Yes, they can be re-sharpened, yes, there are places which will do it.

Unfortunately doing so requires a jig/fixture setup which necessitates a min. quantity which a hobbyist is unlikely to be able to be able to send in.

You can purchase v bits with carbide inserts. I have been using mine for well over a year and haven’t had to switch the insert yet. It still cuts like butter and is as sharp as can be. It may be a larger expense up front, but if you use it a lot the investment is worth it in value and quality.

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They sell carbide insert vee bits from several sources. You can also use a diamond card to sharpen carbide easily. However if a bit is nicked it is best to throw it away. Look on youtube for sharpening methods for router bits, fostner bits etc…


I sharpen my own. Only requires a fine stone or diamond stone.
Match the angle by tipping the bit, watch the center point as you sharpen & remove the same amount from both sides.


I’m guessing you’re really good at sharpening knives! That’s a skill I have yet to master myself!

I learned as a wee lad, (13) working in a shop & sharpening chisels, fly cutters, knives, etc…
We have no dull knives in this house :slight_smile: And I haven’t changed my Xacto blade in… I don’t remember how long. At least 10 years. I just grab the diamond stone & sweeten the edge up. I still have replacement blades from the '70s :laughing:

A highly recommended skill. It will save you a bunch of $$
Vee bits will be very easy to learn on. Single flat edges, and the ‘land’ that you are removing material from is pretty easy to line up on the stone. Give it a try. Nothing to lose but a little time. :wink:


I remember my Dad teaching me to sharpen knives and tools. He would test the blade on the hair on his arm. I asked him if I had really tough hair… When I get done with the kitchen knives there is no hair on my arm and most gone on my legs.

I learned early on that there are less fragile items to test blade sharpness on!

On Vbits, I was always thinking it would be difficult to keep the point on center when manually sharpening.

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To sharpen vee bits you only use a diamond card on the flats on the back of the vee bit. You do not reshape the small edge on the front of the tool. If that edge is messed you might as well throw it away. Using a diamond card on the back of each wing of the vee bit you do less than 10 strokes on each wing and the exact number of strokes on each wing. There are services but by the time you pay shipping, sharpening and return shipping you might as well buy a new bit. The factory has the right grinders to sharpen the tools and would be very hard to replicate that setup but a fine and superfine diamond credit card will sharpen up a tool that is not have a rounded over edge. Just really a touchup and not a complete reangle and grinding. It is like a lot of things, just a little tune up periodically extends the life but nothing prevents the tool from being worn out except not using it.


I have access to a diamond wheel. Even that takes practice.

Common sense, well, I have to keep learning that over and over. :laughing:

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