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(John Waldo) #1

If I import an item into CC, is there a way to resize just the length or width? When I resize one on the scale page, it auto adjusts the other. Gotta be an easy way to do this basic task but I can’t figure it out for the life of me. Be gentle, lol…


(William Adams) #2

I’m afraid that Carbide Create only resizes symmetrically. You’ll either need to redraw the object, edit it with node editing, or reshape it using Booleans.

(John Waldo) #3

Thanks for the quick response Will. That surprises me. Totally basic maneuver…can’t believe it isn’t in there.

(William Adams) #4

Yes, as I’ve noted elsewhere, Carbide Create is almost embarrassingly simple/limited in some ways.

That said, when paired with a vector drawing program as a front-end, it’s surprisingly capable and powerful, and with a little judicious application of V carving and ball-nosed endmills, one can achieve some very nice results.

(John Waldo) #5

That’s what I do. Pair it with Adobe Illustrator on the front end and then just export the SVG for CC.

I have Aspire but I am having issues making it work correctly with CM all of a sudden. It’s become a ridiculously expensive paperweight for the time being lol, so I’ve been working with CC until I get that resolved.

(William Adams) #6

Aspire should work well — just have to use an appropriate post-processor and learn to set up the toolpaths.

I did a basic tutorial for Vectric Vcarve here a while back (which was unfortunately lost during a server reset) — if you need help on that, let us know and we’ll recreate it and put it back up.

(Luc) #7

I’m seriously considering VCarve Pro to address some of the shortcomings of CC. From the videos, it appears that it not as complicated as Fusion, while it still provides a lot of capabilities for 2 and 2.5D work. If you have a tutorial, I would appreciate. I saw a few on YouTube but I find that everyone provides a bit more wisdom and approach where I can integrate in my own process.

(John Waldo) #8

Oh I’ve been using Aspire for some time and have never had any problems using it with a shopbot (which is why I bought it for my home use), and used it for a month or so with CM with no issues, then for some reason it started doing some crazy things like not recognizing the zero switches and randomly taking a nosedive into my material. I did a re-install, just haven’t had much time to run some tests now to see if that fixed it. I’ve been working on some basic stuff so AI and CC has been working fine for now.

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