Resize Problem in CC/Inkscape

Hello everybody. I hope somebody can help me with this.
I have been trying without success to resize a Vector without the “scale factor” option.
Is it possible?
The original vector size is 132.6 mm x 40 mm when I did it in Inkscape.
Once I try to import into CC the size changes to around 10000 by 6000 mm.
Then I resize it to 132.6 mm but it automatically scale it to 42 mm(the original was 40mm, I mean 132.6 by 42mm)
Please help!
Best regards, Oscar

  • Draw a rectangle of a known dimension around everything in Inkscape
  • Save as an SVG
  • import into Carbide Create
  • select everything
  • set the size to match that of the original outer rectangle

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