Resizing Objects

I want to create a triangle of a specific size in CC. If I use the polygon, the sides are all of an equal length, if I use the polyline tool, there is no indication of the length of each line when you create it and I cannot change the size after I create it. If I use the scale, tool, it will change everything in proportion. One cannot, for example, make an oval from a round object or in my case change the size of one side of a triangle. Am I missing something or is this a major limitation of CC?

Correct, Carbide Create will not asymmetrically scale objects.

You can draw an ellipse/oval per Let's draw an "ellipse" with new users

For a drawn triangle just use node edit mode to adjust.

If you’ll post an image or file we’ll do our best to help.

Thanks Will, Node edit was something I had not tried. I tried it but you do not see the value of the size change as you do it so again you eyeball it. It is not a file in particular but lets say that I want to draw a right angle triangle with specific sides where one side is 2.5in and the other is 3.5in. I would use the polyline tool and try my best to eye the size of each side. It may be close but it would not be precise. How do I make the two sides precisely 2.5in, a)nd 3.5in (while keeping my right angle)?

It would be nice as a feature in a future release to see the position of the cursor (relative to origin) when you select an object. It would help in this case and when moving objects.

This is somewhat of a work around but in the case of right triangles, you can set the grid size to a convenient unit (.25 inch) and make sure snap to grid is on. Then you can properly place your nodes by counting grid squares. This, of course will only work if you can set the grid size to some unit that will give you the dimensions you need on both sides.

Thank you this is probably the closest I can get to the desired result. There is room for improvement but now I know I’m not missing an obvious way of doing this.

Easiest way to draw a triangle as you describe is to:

  • draw a 3.5 x 2.5 rectangle
  • draw a second bit of geometry
  • do a Boolean operation which leaves the rectangle
  • node edit the rectangle and delete the un-wanted node.

thank you good workaround too.