Resizing shape precisely

Feature request - or instructions on how to do this.

When resizing a shape, you can’t simply type in a new value for WIDTH without it affecting the height. So - it’s difficult to precisely set the width OR the height. For example:

1] I draw a rectangle and it starts out at 4 in wide x 6 in tall
2] I want it to be 5 in wide x 6.25 in tall
3] If I select the rectangle and type 5 in the WIDTH box, it automatically applies SCALE to maintain the aspect ratio and changes the height to NOT what I want. I want to type a value for width and not have it change the height. Or vice-versa.
4] I know I can use the RESIZE tool and manually drag the width or height to change independently - but that’s not precise. Or - I need to change the grid, snap to grad, and then change my grid back. Too many steps.

Another example. I need a triangle to be 5x as tall as it is wide. I want to simply type 1 for the width and 5 for the height. I can’t. I have to drag it manually.

I can change the size of a rectangle independently

An odd shape or multiple items won’t work. Although if I know the target position I can zoom in and watch the status line at the bottom & get really close.

A “ Maintain aspect ratio” checkbox would be cool

You can only do that when the Shape Parameters are available. Not all shapes offer that. For example - create a triangle (Polygon Tool, 3-sided). There is no width/height parameter. Only a radius. If you use the RESIZE TOOL, you can’t adjust the width and height separately. Type a width and hit Apply. It just uses the new width value to change the SCALE and changes both width and height.

@WillAdams also replied - but I only got his reply via email. For some reason it’s not showing up in this thread. In response to him:

Right. That’s what I do now. Which isn’t efficient. It requires me to change the grid from what I really want just to accomplish a resize. For example, I need the grid to be 1/4 inch. But maybe I need a shape to be 3.625 inches tall. I can’t drag/snap without changing the grid, switch to resize tool, drag shape to snap to new grid, change grid back to what it was. Would be much more efficient to simply type in a height of 3.625 in the RESIZE TOOL dialog to set my height without screwing up the width and without having perform a bunch of extra steps. Just add a checkbox or chain icon like Photoshop to maintain aspect ratio or not.

I agree. Changing the grid is a little “Rube Goldberg-esque” - a lot of motion for what should be a simple function.

A lot of software packages use a “Lock” or “Link” icon to represent fixed proportions…you close the link/lock for constraint and open it for independent adjustments

image (Constrained)
image (Independent)