Resolved: 'Dragging' with the left mouse button in Carbide Create

Is it possible to use the left mouse button to drag the CC screen around, rather than using the scroll button to zoom in/out then zooming back out/in to the required area, please?

Moving around the work area is not particulalry intuitive in the first place, and this would help - a lot!

Thank you.

The left mouse button is used for drag-selection.

Yes it is. I was asking if multiple selections can be made using the left mouse button again, whilst continually holding the shift button.

Selecting multiple vectors not with the drag selection - or deselecting the vectors you don’t want selected - isn’t that great :thinking:

Deselecting is much the same as for any graphic design application — shift click to remove or add.

You can pan by right-clicking and dragging, see:

Awesome! @WillAdams to the rescue - again :rofl:

Thanks, Will!

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