Resolved: This forum is great for Shapeoko and stuff

…but does anyone know where there might be a similar forum and tutorials for 3D printing, please?

I’ve got the bug, but not the permission (yet), so I thought I’d start with some research.

Thank you :slight_smile:

The main places I learned what I know about 3D printing are:

And there were a lot of videos and websites when I started looking into 3D printing that are gone now. Ten years is a loooooong time in internet time.

For starting to learn about 3D printing, I’d just watch some videos from Thomas Sanladerer. The best way to learn about the printer from a hardware point of view is to watch the disassembly - reassembly of one. He covers just about every aspect of the printers, so if I had to choose, I’d say just spend the next few days watching his videos.

Basically, if you want interaction with people, there are subreddits for just about every printer manufacturer, or use the 3DPrinting where you will get the most interaction.


In the meantime, I’m pretty sure it’s ok to ask any questions here. Several of us have extensive experience with 3D printers.


I tried to put everything I came across at:

and was active on:

for a while, but could never figure out how their wiki worked, hence the stand-alone page.


I’ve just watched 4 hours of YouTube videos about the Prusa Mini zzzz

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