(Resolved) Would Anyone Be Interested In A Small Prototype Job?


Would anyone be interested in helping out with a prototyping job? Can provide more details if interested, but the general idea is below:

Amount: 15 parts total, 13 of them rather small / thin with two larger parts requiring the lion’s share of the CNC work.
Size: The two largest parts are around just under 12" x 11". The majority of the other parts are thin, long pieces, ranging from 11.25" x .750" to 1" x 1" and a few in between.
Material: HDPE Sheet, 1/8" Thick. All of the parts should be able to be made using a total of 12" x 29" of 1/8" thick HDPE.
Misc: The parts were designed to be machinable all on one side using a 1/8" end mill in the hopes that this would keep things simple and easy to make.

I have the CAD files available. Figured it’d be best of hold off on making any CAM as I imagine anyone making this would want input in that regard. I also have HDPE available and/or can just purchase and send some HDPE depending on where you’re located. I’m located in the Triangle are of NC and am willing to travel an hour or so for anyone local, otherwise happy to work remotely.

Would have done this myself, but I’m currently without a Shapeoko unfortunately. Trying to keep the cost on this pretty modest given that it should ideally be a quick little set and forget type of job with easy-to-machine material, with no tool changes, and all on one side. Depending on cost, I may want to make multiple units (with matching compensation). As mentioned, happy to talk this over in more detail if you’re interested. Thanks for looking this over and please feel free to PM me with any questions.

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