Resquaring XXL again

I just checked the squareness of my machine just for shits and giggles and discovered that I am less than a 16th of an inch off corner to corner measurement( When I originally squared the machine up it was perfect corner to corner both sides.} I have already completed my calibration tests and have adjusted the steps in the machine settings in CM. If I loosen everything up again will I have to re-calibrate for belt stretch again or can I just roll with it. I will mostly be cutting wood, delrin, and lexan

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If you don’t loosen the belts, they ought to come back to pretty much the same position — but it’s probably better to just loosen everything and re-calibrate — just takes 3 holes in a piece of scrap.

Thank you !! I resquared it and will recalibrate

Something an old timer taught me many (many) decades ago. If a machine has fasteners, it WILL move, so check it every few weeks (months). I have found this to be a very true fact.


What tools did you use for squaring and cal?