Rest Machining, A Tape Measure, and Tapered Bit Support

As I learn more every day, there are thing I think would helpful. Recognizing of course that CC is not designed to be as robust as programs like F360 and Solidworks, I would still like to see a few things that I have listed below. Hopefully enough of you agree and we can see these things in a future update.

  1. A tape measure would be so helpful in CC. I find it impossible to count grid squares and get an accurate measure. Also, rulers along the X and Y of your workspace would also be really nice. If these were toggle-able on and off, as well as have the ability to change the increments and system that would be a nice feature too.

  2. As Carbide Create does not allow for multiple incremental roughing passes. I would like to see some support for “rest machining” options where you can stack as many incremental paths as needed.

  3. Tapered bit support. These bits aren’t anything I have practical experience with but they seem to make sense when doing 3D carving, especially for smaller diameter bits. I feel like they are kind of a niche use, but when the use case is appropriate, then it would be nice to have the support available.

  4. The ability to add a node on a line so a user has more fine grained control on editing that line to edit an imported vector. (actually this one may already be there, if not, it’d be swell)

Honorable mention because Ive seen someone else ask for it.

  1. Auto Bookmarking the last good pass in the G code so you can pick up where you left off.


  1. My solution here is to draw a circle or a rectangle from point-to-point, then either doing the mental math to divide by 2, or scaling by 0.5

  2. This is already there — go into Node Edit mode and right-click where you want the new node

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