Rest Machining + Aluminum + Finishing Passes, Rookie


I am testing my first aluminum cuts on a Shapeoko 5 Pro using Carbide Create Pro. The design I’m using requires rest machining using a 1 flute 3/16" up-cut (Amana #HSS1621), finishing with a 1/8" #102 Carbide3D basic endmill.

The attached photo shows the results. Half of the passes were in the air, and the rest machining leaves it looking incomplete. How do I adjust how much “adapting” the toolpath does?

In addition to the 2nd pass, I can’t figure out how to run a finishing pass on the aluminum to make it smoother. This is not, as I unfortunately found out by losing a new endmill on its first job, the 3D Finish toolpath!

In addition to the 2nd pass fitting, I’d like to go over the entire job again and am looking for info as to how I can achieve the smoothest finish. Is this just another pocket toolpath or am I missing something?

I changed the rest machining to 3/16 from 1/4" for the previous toolpath and got the following result (it’s the one on the right). The job gets the corners at the bottom of the image, but leaves it looking incomplete and I can’t seem to figure out how to properly finish it.

Can you share the C2D file?

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I need to rephrase this question and update it. brb

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