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Hi there:
I am just begining with my Shapeoko Machine. It is just amazing. I want help in the next issue…very easy I should think:
I am carving some small tables with the names of my kids. But it seems it will take at least two hours of continue routing for the work to be done. I stop the Shapeoko routine, go to sleep and continue next afternoon. I wonder if it is possible to restart the work from the %Progress I left the day before…
Thank you guys for your comments.

Yes…possible. Trivially easy? No. Depending on what sender you’re using, you really need the line number, or be able to guess what section of the g-code you’re in. If you’re still interested…

You need to create a new file, taking the header code off the initial one, then cutting out everything between there and a block or two before where you were when you stopped. When I say “block” it will be more obvious when you look at the actual gcode (it’s just text) - each block is generally started with a comment from the gcode generator.

All that said… it seems a bit long to require 2+ hours to carve a name… maybe we can help with that?



As @mikep noted, you should be able to do this a bit more quickly though — see the official feeds and speeds at: and test them on your machine using the technique at:


I’m a noob but man! That sounds like a mighty long run time. Regarding your question though, I had a situation where one of the rollers fell off my XXL during a run. I must have loosened something during the assembly process. Anyway, I turned off the router, hit pause in Carbide Motion, accessed and rectified the problem. With a “here goes nothing” frame of mind I hit continue or whatever the prompt was and sure enough the cut started right where it had been paused. It dug a bit deeper into the job and grazed my freshly made spoil board, but it finished the job just fine.

This was only about 25 minutes or so but as long as everything remains where it was when it was paused (and I suppose as long as the machine isn’t powered off) it should begin where it left off.

Again, I’m only about two weeks into my Shapeoko\Carbide 3D experience so hopefully some of the gurus here can confirm or disavow what I’m saying.


Thank you very much Mikep!!!

Thank you very much Will Adams!!!

Thank you very much Gramps98!!!

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