Resume job at % in CM

Would love a feature to resume a job at a set % after a failure or other reason.

I know I can edit the GCODE but a feature would save time and complication especially for new users.

(I did a quick search for an existing request but didn’t find anything)

That’s a high-priority task on the todo list. Resuming a program requires some internal changes that run pretty deep so it’s not a quick thing to add but it’ll get added as soon as we work out the difficult parts.


Oh great, looking forward to it.

If you are working on this, I wanna add another suggestion:

Let the user input a range from percentage and to percentage, so that an arbitrary sub-range of the whole gcode can be executed. Also, display for each toolpath in Carbide Create which percentage range it covers in the final gcode. So that the user can identify where to restart a certain part of the job.


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