Retract height adjustment

I am cutting out slots for a wood heater vent cover . When cutting out 1/4 slots it comes up all the way to start zero plus my .100 retract height.Wood is 1” thick. I’m cutting .120 each pass.Is there a way in Carbide Create to Not retract until each slot is at depth then move on?

Depending on the material you may be able to get away with setting your depth per pass at .25".

Or you Could set each slot as an individual tool pass, then it would do each slot in order.


the “retracting between each pass in a pocket” behavior is baked in CC’s toolpath generation for now, but @fenrus came up with an experimental G-code post-processing tool that takes the G-code file generated by CC, searches for those “extra” retracts, removes them and saves a cleaned-up version of the file. You could try it? It’s all here:


Thanks to all for input on my issue. I’m not well versed on G code but will look into it in future. Thanks again

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Just so you know, you don’t need to know anything about G-code to use that tool, you load a .nc a file as input and spits out and optimized file, period.


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