Rhino 6 to Carbide Create

Has anyone had any luck exporting form Rhino 6 to Carbide Create? Been a very frustrating day trying to figure it out. When I export as a DXF only the R12 Lines & Arcs works. Imperial and Metric Cam used to work but no longer. I keep getting an error code:
Lua Error:
[string “dxfreader.lua”]:641:bad argument #1 to
‘pairs’ (table expected, got string)

When I do import the R12 it’s broken and jumbled.

I’ve tried SVG 1:1 but when I import it into a inches project I think the software thinks it’s metric as they come out tiny and when I resize the whole thing all the dims are off.

Any ideas on what to do. The only work around I’ve been able to figure out is open the SVG in Illustrator and fix the drawing there then re-output.

I don’t know what’s going on.

I use in Rhino , Illustrator extension to export , in Illustrator I save SVG and always no have any problem .

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Have you considered exporting a .stl from Rhino and using a 3D CAM tool such as MeshCAM?

Please send in a file which exhibits the error which you note to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll see if we can get a developer to look into it.

Thanks JoseD3. That worked perfectly!

@WillAdams I do have MeshCAM but haven’t had much luck with it. The tool paths seem odd and won’t give me the order I need.