Richlite Sheet, Thickness?

I see the Richite Sheet is Cut to 13.5" x 11.75"; sold individually.
Though that seems like an odd shape but I couldn’t find a thickness of the sheet.

What is the thickness of the Richite Sheet?



It is 5/16" nominal.


And actual?..

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The richlite (.com) site shows it produces sheets with thicknesses of 6mm/8mm/12mm/18mm/25mm.

Perhaps the ’ nominal 5/16" ’ is a roundabout way of saying 8mm?

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Richlite is an incredibly durable, extremely versatile, and highly sustainable material made from resin-infused paper.

In other words, same as MDF … only different.

It’s much nicer than MDF, and they have a “slate” appearance/texture suited to outdoor use — and it’s tough enough for a guitar fretboard. Need to get a few pieces for trying a guitar.

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It sounds like a typical craft paper phenolic. Except that, curiously, it is “Handmade”

I received a couple of sheets in the mail a couple of days ago and I can confirm it is 5/16”. I have not used it yet but it has a nice look to it. It has a matte finish on the outside and I will likely mix it in with wood for some projects.


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