Risk Board Project

Hey all,

First time posting here. My son wants to learn the game risk because my brothers and I would always play it growing up. I told him he can play after I make a board.

I’ll post more over time but i finished Australia the other day. Maple board I cut down and milled, various hardwoods for each continent eventuality. Copper wire inlays.

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You reminded me of playing Risk and having a friend standup on his chair upon winning and declaring himself King of the world and beating his chest like King Kong.

I have a long term project to make a couple of games. Catan and Carrassonne are in progress but not much progress. I bought the Carrcassonne game board svg off etsy but it is so full of open vectors it will take forever to get them fixed.

Love both those. Carcassonne would be a huge project, assuming you’re carving the designs into the tiles. What material are you using?

Looks great! You will have to post pictures of the finished project. My kids and I love playing Risk