Rockler Clamps OrangeAluminium T-Track

(michael sonst) #1


Does anyone use this combination and could tell me whether everything works well in this combo?

I’m planning for autolocks, hold downs, long stop and short stops (in line and 90°).

Any hint whether this works well would be much appreciated.

Thanks Michael

(mikep) #2

Yes. They have for me anyway. The problems I have tend to be because I mounted the track so low below the surface of the wasteboard. You need some space there so you can surface it without hitting the track, but 1/4" or so is probably enough - I have more like 1/2".

(michael sonst) #3

Hi mikep,

Thanks for this info. Do you use all of the above? My worries are mostly regarding the keyway on the stops and that they might not fit the oa tracks. I couldn’t find their width on the rockler page.

Thanks Michael

(mikep) #4

These, with a bolt instead of the fancy handles:
These, again with bolts:
This one, without a bolt change, but it’s a little troublesome in my case:

(michael sonst) #5

Alright, I’ve ordered.
Thanks for your support.


(michael sonst) #6

The items arrived.

They are of nice quality and the keyways match in width.

The standard t-bolts are around 1mm too wide and the keyways are a bit too high.

It took around 1h filing to get all of the bolts (16) to the OA width and the keyways (5) ~0.5mm down to a height that the bolts have proper grip.


(mikep) #7

As I said, takes a different bolt…

(Dan Nelson) #8

The orange aluminum track is for 1/4-20 bolts and I believe the Rockler stuff is typically 5/16-18. You can swap hardware on some stuff, or grind it down. I tend to stick with 1/4-20 on everything I can, makes it simpler.