Roman Numeral Fonts?

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So dumb font question number 2. In the continuing saga of trying to duplicate hand carved signs on the computer I hit a new challenge. The original sign (see below) has a roman numeral II with the top and bottom connected with a horizontal stroke. Even fonts with special roman numeral glyphs don’t seem to do this. Any idea how to do this on a computer? (Vcarve in my case).


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Draw in the bars?

There was a font which did this: but it seems to not be available now (you’d need an OpenType aware application to do the typesetting in)

The list of fonts which purportedly support this feature is fairly extensive:

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Yes I read those and even tried the fonts. They still have individual unconnected strokes even when they have special glyphs for the numbers


(William Adams) #4

Use a Boolean operation to join the paths.


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Should be easy enough to create a set of them in that font. The numeral in your example pic is just two capital Is with the same Is turned 90 degrees and positioned correctly then welded together.


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Yes as Will etc. suggested a little transform, a little boolean and we’re all set.

Love that Vcarve (mostly–sometimes it makes me say bad words)

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