Rotate image in Carbide Create

I downloaded carbide create today. I was playing with the software trying to rotate an image to horizontal instead of vertical but didn’t find how to do that. Any help is much appreciated

If you want to rotate an image first you want to group it. You may want to ungroup later but to make sure all the elements of the image move together group.

Next select the image.

Now open the “Rotate” dialog box by clicking on the “Rotate” Icon. You can rotate to any angle you want. When done select “Done”.

You image can be rotated any degree you want. Positive degrees rotate counter clockwise and negative degrees rotate clockwise.

If a pixel image placed as a background then that’s not possible in Carbide Create — you need to do it in a pixel editor.

If placed as a texture the rotate value box should work.

For geometry, and @gdon_2003 noted, it should work to select and then rotate using the tool

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