Rotate Part in MeshCAM7

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve been playing around with MeshCAM 7 but can’t seem to find the rotate geometry command. Has it been removed in MeshCAM 7 or is it hiding somewhere?

It appears to have been removed. I asked for it back when giving feedback.

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It looks like MC7 uses the coordinate system from the imported CAD model so the only solution that I’ve found so far is to go back to the CAD model and rotate the part before creating the stl file. Most orientations can be achieved using the import dialog box but some are not available and sometimes I change my mind regarding the fixturing angle after importing to MC. Hopefully the rotate feature comes back before primetime!

I’ve had issues with this working not quite like I would expect. I would expect it to rotate around the part zero axis as defined in the stl (or at least have the option to do so), but it doesn’t appear to do that, it rotates in the middle of the part. It’s not really wrong for it to do what it does, but it can be unexpected.