Rotating the part so it fits and flip machining

How do I rotate it horizontally so it fits on a narrow board. Okay you can see the part is placed on very wide material, 36 x 16, as it came in when opened. It will fit on a much narrower board if I can rotate it more horizontal in MeshCam. The ZIP file attached is what I am working with, will be deleted in a week from this post.

How do I do this rotation?

Secondly I need to flip the part an machine the other side the same. Any ideas on doing this?

Thanks for any help ~KAP

I believe that you would need to do such arbitrary rotation in a 3rd party tool such as Microsoft’s 3D Builder.

Okay, still not finding a way to rotate the part as I would like to I emailed Rob. He answered …

The Geometry->Rotate command will let you rotate around the Z axis to spin the part like that. Once you do that, you can use either the Flip or Quick Flip machining jobs on the rotated version of your part.

Rob Grzesek

So I did figure it out …

Go to… GEOMETRY … ROTATE GEOMETRY … PICK SIDE TO MACHINE … a pop-up menu will show … Type in the “Z” box the amount of rotation you need. This will rotate the machine side depending on the PICK SIDE TO MACHINE you select. Try it a few time and select different boxes to see how they rotate the part.

The last picture shows that the part rotated about the Z axis 45° to the X & Y planes.

Hope this helps others … ~KAP

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