Rotten Firewood to Wooden/Epoxy Bowl

Going through the pile of firewood again and an old piece of oak caught my eye. This was a severely cracked piece with the beginnings of dry rot pitting. Had some good success rescuing wood like this in the past, so I thought I’d give it a go.
Didn’t take a photo 'before epoxy, but here’s the start point before cutting:

These cracks extended all the way through, so I just used multiple layers of packing tape around the edges to seal the epoxy pour.
After the rough cutting, the dry rot really began to show, so I brushed on a coat of epoxy before the finish cutting in an attempt to seal those flaws:

That did work fairly well, but after the finish pass a lot of discoloration did show through:

The white spots, which is the dry rot, were now hardened from the epoxy, so I pressed on with multiple polyurethane finish coats with light sanding between each, with a very satisfying result:

The finished bowl is just about 9" X 10" X 3". The design and toolpaths were done with Vectric Aspire, still learning Fusion toolpaths, sigh.


That looks like a great contest idea… What you can achieve with rotten materials.

It would take a while for aluminium or other metals to ‘rot’, though! Hmm…

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That’s beautiful. How thick was the piece when you started?

Epoxy filling is a hot item these days. I will have to try it but by the time I get around to it the fever will have gone down.

Very nice bowl. What will you use it for. Will it just sit on a table to admire or do you have a useful function for it?

It was about 4.375. Flattened it out with my Shapeoko planer :wink:

Here’s one possibility:

Though I think something a bit smaller might be more appropriate, loquats or mangoes possibly.


Looks amazing Mike, love the curved sides design! Your epoxy skills are very impressive!

That looks great. I love making bowls on my wood lathe, I am looking forward to making them with my cnc as well. So how much of a mess is cutting epoxy? It makes a terrible mess on my lathe.

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It does make a mess, but I use the Sweepy which keeps it mostly under control.

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Thank you Max, I really enjoy working with epoxy, though it does take patience.

That is great I might have to steal the basic shape you made it looks awesome.

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Here’s a DXF
12 X 10-625 Oak.dxf (50.8 KB)
And an SVG if that helps:
12 X 10-625 Oak


Awesome thanks it might be a bit before I try it, I still need to assemble my pro and then figure out what I am doing but I will post it once I finally do so you can see how it turns out. Thanks again.

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I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with! I think you’re going to enjoy the PRO, I’ve heard so many great things about it :slight_smile:

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