Roughing pass then finishing pass isn't saving much work?

I set up a roughing pass to get rid of the excess with a larger bit, then follow up with the finishing pass. But, the finishing pass still wants to cut out everything, not just what is left?

I’m using Aspire 10, Universal G-Code Sender and a Shapeoko 3pro.

When I do mine on CC, I set the start depth near the point I want it to cut.
For instance, I cut to a depth of .038. My ultimate depth is .040. My start depth for the finish path is .038, bottom of cut is .040. Use depths that will create your desired results, maybe .002 for the finish path.

Hope this helped

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What you want is a feature called “rest machining”, which would do exactly that (only cut what is left from the previous toolpaths). However I’m unsure whether Aspire v10 supports it, since the details on the Vectric site of “What’s new in Aspire v11” include “3D rest machining”…I don’t have Aspire so I can’t confirm, other users here may be able to.

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I have VCarve Desktop version 11. You can add multiple tools to a pocket operation (here an 8mm and a 2mm) and it figures out which bits should be used to efficiently to cut out the material.


Which automatically creates this toolpath for the 8mm:

and this for the 2mm:

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