Router bearing help!

Hey fello carbide comrades. Hoping someone can lend some knowledge here. Few weeks ago I reached out to c3d about my router leaving lines on the side of my projects from each pass. As always, their customer support was top notch! William Adams informed me it was most likely a work bearing, and within 48hrs, there was a new router on my doorstep! (Incredible!) Bad news time. It cut well for a week, and here we are again (see pic)

Does anybody think it could be a different issue? Or is it maybe time to try out the makita or dewalt (sidenote: like a genius I bought 2 carbide compact routers while the Black Friday sale was on lol)
Thanks guys!

If the router cut well for a while, then the problem reappeared and there were no other changes and the balance of the machine is mechanically sound, then it’s presumably another bad set of bearings.

We’ll of course, replace this again, just let us know at

One possible concern is that there’s something in the feeds and speeds or the material which you are cutting which is causing this — post a .c2d file and let us know what material you’re cutting and how you’re doing workholding?

Some folks, esp. folks w/ local Makita dealers have done well w/ a Makita — one person even opened theirs up to swap the cord for our longer one.

I bought a used so3 xl with c3d router. The machine had been lightly used. The bearing on the bottom had a lot of play so I bought a Makita. The Makita and C3D router have 66 mm diameter. The Dewalt is 69 mm. The so3 came with an adaper ring because the oroginal mount was 69mm. If you have a 69mm mount the Dewalt has a longer body which gives you more cutting length with a z-plus. The Makita/c3d has a slightly lower speed over Dewalt. My Dewalt on my xxl has been very reliable. I think mewer machines come with 66mm mounts. So check your mount diameter before deciding which router to replace with. The Lowes has Dewalts for $149 and you can find them online cheaper. I think the Makita routers ate around $120 online.