Router bearing wobble

I bought my pro xxl months ago and built it, but only this week have I had time to get set up and use it. It seems to work well and my accuracy test showed that it’s accurate to 1mm easily. However when loading a bit yesterday I noticed wobble/play in the bearing of the router. I’ve not had any crashes and the carbide router has seen no more than 3 hours use up to now . The play is at least 1.5 mill. Is this just how the bearing works?

Note: sorry but can’t post movie. The router itself does not move, only the spindle as shown in image. It moves about 1.5mm

Even this is a new machine the C3D routers have reported bearing failures. Contact support if the spindle is wobbly and they will likely replace it. For others that have older routers that are out of warranty you can buy the Makita rebuild kit to fix your C3D router. You would have to disassemble the router and press off the bearings and press on new ones. You dont need a hydraulic press only a long socket and/or a bearing puller.

I bought a used SO3 XL and the previous owner could never get good results. The real problem was his hardly used C3D router had a wobbly router shaft. I replaced the out of warranty router with a Makita. I eventually sold the whole thing because I had two SO3s and did not need it. However after replacing the router it worked perfectly.


Just a quick update. Carbide have been amazing! So if you are on the fence between this and another machine then I can say the support by Carbide is 5 star.


Hey I disassembled the router and removed the bearing. I assume I can just get a replacement bearing?

I have noticed others that have done that.

Good Luck

Sure can. Quite easy. Ive replaced mine several times, a 10 pack of bearings was sub 20 bucks.

It’s the same as for the Makita RT0701/0700:

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Sweet, I’ll get that done!

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